Friday, January 3, 2014

Carry of the Month: Rebozo

Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry.

2014 already? I always feel like the COTM's sneak up on me and here we are a full year into them! I hope you weren't too sad about not having a COTM in December. We took a month off to spend time with families and for the board to celebrate a year of hard work making BWI of HR what it is today. It was a much needed break from blog posts and meetings but I cannot wait to see new faces this month and to see old friends (and their adorable babies!)

I thought it would be fun to kind of look back at 2013's posts before we got into the COTM and have a good couple of laughs. I admit I struggle with writing and speaking on camera which is weird because I have a lot of experience on stage but I suppose it's much difference than teaching carries. For example, I'm pretty sure I have made up a couple of words in some of our videos or in some of my personal videos. Also, does anyone remember the totally awkward Toy Story 3 shots on the TV from BWCC? Well, I am in luck and my husband is home to take photos for me from now on and help direct my teaching videos a bit more. I'm still unfortunately using my cell phone but it works. I suppose I should have asked for a camera for the holidays.

Okay, now about that rebozo. Rebozo is a term referring to a carry where the wrap or sling comes over one shoulder and under the other. It's one of the three styles of carrying in a wrap, the other being ruck and torso carries. A rebozo can be worn on the hip and back but today, I did it on my tummy since I feel we have seen so many newborns at our meetings. Rebozos are generally done with very short wraps or even shawls. I believe I used a size 2 for this carry. I have used a size 3 when Carmen was two but I still had quite a bit of tail. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I'm about a size medium shirt and 8/10 dress size.

This carry is amazing and I totally prefer a rebozo over a ring sling any day. The slip knot is probably the most difficult part along with learning how to tighten it but once you have it all down, you'll have it ready to go and will be popping baby in and out all day long!

See how much better my pictures look with a photographer? Okay, so to get started I fold my wrap in half. It's not necessary but I find it keeps the wrap from getting twisted and makes a nice and neat pouch. It's also a bit less adjusting before you put baby in the wrap. I put it over my non-dominant shoulder (my left) with the rails sitting closest to my neck. I leave just enough tail so that wrap hits my knee. I bring the longer part under my arm, making sure there are no twists and get ready to tie my slip knot. 

This is from our Double Hammock Rebozo post on how to tie a slip knot,
"Here's the great slip knot tutorial. If you think about it this way, it's as if you are tying a knot around the shoulder pass so that it slides. Bring the pass from under your arm over the shoulder pass and back around completely. Now, pull the pass down back over top. Keep your hand exactly where you see mine. It'll serve as a really nice guide when finishing the knot. You'll pull the wrap back under the shoulder pass and here's where you'll finish. Bring the wrap back up to your hand and pull it through!"

 Once you have tied your slip knot, go ahead and spread the wrap if you decided to fold it in half. Take the rail closest to your body and pull it downward. You'll have to do this all the way up to your shoulder as well so it nicely caps your shoulder and lays flat against your back. Then you'll prepare the wrap to put your baby in it!

Remember that the slip knot works by pulling fabric through the knot from over the shoulder instead of under it like in a ring sling. I like to tighten the bottom rail of the sling so that I am not juggling a baby and tightening the sling at the same time. A tight bottom rail will ensure a secure seat without extra work. In the second photo of this series, I am using my arm as if it were my baby. This helps me to less tightening as well. My top rail is almost always too loose but that helps me slip my baby into the sling and it's easily tightened after baby is secure. 

Just like we have in the past with front carries, put baby in by supporting their body with your shoulder. Put baby's feet into the sling and pull the top rail up to their shoulders. Grab their feet from under the sling like the second photo and slowly slide baby into the wrap while lifting the top rail. Once baby is in the wrap, secure a seat simply by putting fabric from knee to knee and between you and baby's crotch. Make sure to always use one hand to support baby. 

As expected, my top rail is loose. Here's a good picture of how to guide the slack around to the knot. Bringing it under my arm, over my shoulder to the knot and then through the knot. Do this wherever you're feeling slack. Tighten by holding onto the tail and sliding the knot upward.

Although this post was super wordy, it's a very easy carry! Midori (my babywearing doll) doesn't quite have knees so seating her is always a challenge as you can see in this photo. Also, this gorgeous wrap is apart of our lending library. Become a member and come to our meeting so you can check it out and learn how to do this carry with a VBE or ABE! 

We hope this helps and please do not be afraid to ask questions!
You can email questions to our Education Chair at
Education (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time.  
Photo tutorial not doin' it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads's YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

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